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Philippine Presidential Election 2022

Who's your president this coming May 2022 election?

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Best Fighting Game Series

What is the best fighting game series you have ever played?

192 Votes   0   2025 Views
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Cat or Dog: Which Pet Is For You?

Do you prefer a cat or a dog?

51 Votes   0   1290 Views
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Sexiest One Piece Females

Which female character in One Piece is the sexiest?

700 Votes   0   8743 Views
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Tekken Female Characters

Who is your favorite female character in Tekken?

661 Votes   1   4806 Views
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Saitama vs Goku

Who is stronger. Saitama or Goku?

372 Votes   1   2766 Views
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Poll Results – Top 10 Sexiest One Piece Females

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Poll Results – Top 10 Female Characters in Tekken

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