Philippines Next President

Who should be the next philippine president?

It has almost been four years since the Duterte administration has commenced. Now, there are only about two years left until the Philippines' next president should be elected. Therefore, a new government will take place. What kind of government will it be? Will it be more like the present administration? Or will it be a completely new one? Whatever it will be, surely the next elected president will make the biggest influence into it. Who should be the country's next leader? Many of the known personalities have already hinted their candidacy for the coming 2022 presidential elections. Among these people are the names listed below. You can also add other potential candidates who are not included on the list. Soon you will have to vote for the sake of our nation, and when you do, please vote wisely.

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Philippines Next President

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Ian Rey Flores

Duterte-Duterte para sa 2022



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