New Vupoll Charts Filter

Last Updated on December 8, 2019

Its a super good news! You can now use our new feature “Vupoll Charts Filter” to further your analysis of our online polls. You can narrow down the scope of poll data by using filters along with multiple charts.

You can open the chart by clicking the button below the top 5 countries panel.

charts filter

Below is how the charts filter looks like.

vupoll charts filter

There are many useful things you can do with the new vupoll charts filter.
Below are some examples:

  • Know what countries are people voting with that particular answer.
  • Know what mostly are the answers of every particular country.
  • Know the genders of each specific answer and answer of specific genders the same way around.
  • Know the age range of every particular answer.
  • Know the age range of the particular countries who voted for every specific answer.
  • and a lot more.

Check it out for yourself! Visit our online polls and let the charts help you get better insights.

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